Can not find Nsight Compute for JetPack 4.6

I cannot find Nsight Compute in JetPack 4.6 using sdk manager.

As shown in following picture, Nsight Graphics and Nsight Systems can be installed. However, I can not find Nsight Compute in this setting.

Can someone tell me how to use Nsight Compute in Jetson Xavier?


Nsight Compute is part of the CUDA package.
You can find it within /opt/nvidia/.


Thank you for information.

My host PC has multiple Nsight Compute on “/opt/nvidia/nsight-compute” as follows. Which version should I use to profile Jetson?

/opt/nvidia/nsight-compute$ ls
2019.5.0  2019.5.3  2021.2.2


Please use 2019.5.3 .
This information can also be found in our JetPack release notes:

2.3. Developer Tools


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