Nsight Compute for Jetson Orin


Is Nsight compute available natively on Orin? I could not find it. I can find Nsight Graphics and Nsight Systems, but not Nsight compute.
According to this, Jetson Developer Tools | NVIDIA Developer nsight compute is included in the cuda tool kit, but I cannot find it inside Orin’s cuda bin (/usr/local/cuda-11.4/bin).
Also here, explicitly says “running directly on Orin”
(1) Native Development on NVIDIA Jetson AGX Orin with Nsight Tools Suite - YouTube

Can anyone tell me where to find Nsight Compute? Or just like before I had to use a host Ubuntu to do remote profiling?


You can find the package in the below link directly:



Thank you so much.

Accroding to the repo, looks like nsight-compute is only available on amd64. So I guess that means a host machine is required.


We can find the ncu binary on the Orin.
Please give it a check.

$ /opt/nvidia/nsight-compute/2022.2.1
$ sudo ./ncu /usr/local/cuda-11.4/samples/0_Simple/vectorAdd/vectorAdd
[Vector addition of 50000 elements]
==PROF== Connected to process 21604 (/usr/local/cuda-11.4/samples/0_Simple/vectorAdd/vectorAdd)
Copy input data from the host memory to the CUDA device
CUDA kernel launch with 196 blocks of 256 threads
==PROF== Profiling "vectorAdd" - 0: 0%....50%....100% - 9 passes
Copy output data from the CUDA device to the host memory
==PROF== Disconnected from process 21604
[21604] vectorAdd@
  vectorAdd(const float *, const float *, float *, int), 2022-Apr-24 21:20:32, Context 1, Stream 7
    Section: GPU Speed Of Light Throughput
    ---------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------- ------------------------------
    SM Frequency                                                             cycle/usecond                         479.98
    Elapsed Cycles                                                                   cycle                           8463
    Memory [%]                                                                           %                          31.71
    Duration                                                                       usecond                          17.63


This is weird. My /opt/nivida/ has nsight system and nsight graphics but not nsight compute.

Anyway, I found a workaround. During a remote profiling, the host machine deploy nsight compute binaries under /tmp/var/ (at least for me). After that, the folder is not deleted. The binary is /tmp/var/target/linux-v4l_l4t-t210-a64/ncu. So I just copied the entire folder to somewhere else and now I can profile locally.

Thank you.

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