Is nsight CLI available on Orin?

Hi, I’m trying to debug a tensorrt latency reliability issue that I sometimes see my model has a large latency increase (10x) reproduced randomly and I’m interested to run nsight CLI to inspect what’s going on. I have to use nsight CLI because my orin is setup as a remote ssh device.

However, it seems that I cannot find the CLI binary “nv-nsight-cu-cli” installed on the ORIN device. Am I missing anything?

My jetpack version is 5.0.1-b118.


Could you set up the device with JetPack 5.0.2 GA?
We can find the tool in the below folder:



Thanks AastaLLL! Will try with the new JetPack release

Hi, AastaLLL,

I actually cannot find nv-nsight-cu-cli even after upgrading to the latest jetpack:

This is my list of files under the nsight-systems
/opt/nvidia/nsight-systems/2022.3.3$ ls
bin documentation EULA.txt host-linux-armv8 target-linux-sbsa-armv8 target-linux-tegra-armv8


It should be Nsight Compute rather than Nsight System.
Could you try the following command to see if the tool will be installed?

$ sudo apt update
$ sudo apt install nsight-compute-2022.2.1


Thanks. Confirmed that the nsight-compute installation fixed this issue.

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