NSIGHT Compute CLI in Jetpack 4.4

We just flashed a few AGX dev kits to Jetpack 4.4 using the SDK manager (version We can’t find the NSIGHT Compute CLI tool even though we understand it is supposed to be included (according to https://docs.nvidia.com/jetson/jetpack/introduction/index.html#devtools). Any ideas on what we are missing? Maybe it isn’t automatically installed or we aren’t looking in the right place?

I assume you are working on host side. Host side will have a CUDA directory in “/usr/local”. There will be a “cuda-#” for each release your host PC has installed, plus a symbolic link to which ever version is considered default. Within “/usr/local/cuda/bin” there will be “nsight” for that release.

This directory would not be in your default search path unless you add it.