Nsight Compute target platform for Jetson


I would like to profile some CUDA kernels on a Jetson Xavier NX with NSight Compute.

Both host (x86 Ubuntu) and target (Xavier NX) are set up via the SDK Manager and Jetpack 4.5. The SDK Manager does not install NSight Compute, only NSight Systems and NSight Graphics.

Regarding this I found contradicting documentation and other resources:

  1. A forum post with a reply by @AastaLLL states that one can download NSight compute and use it as intended.

  2. The official JetPack documentation states that both NSight Compute and its CLI version are supported for the Xavier NX. (Not clear if used from host or device)

  3. The NSight Compute home page states system requirements. Oddly, the Jetson product line is not part of the supported target hardware list. For DRIVE OS (which to the best of my knowledge corresponds to the automotive equivalent of the Jetson line) there is an explicit note, stating that only the CLI version is supported.

  4. Using the latest NSight Compute, the target selection dialog does not show an option for Jetson SoCs:

Points 1 and 2 lead me to the conclusion that NSight Compute should be supported. Points 3 and 4 however indicate that this is not the case. Do I need to use another version of NSight Compute? Is there any tutorial or walk-through for setting up a connection to a Jetson device and profiling a simple dummy kernel?


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Sorry for the confusing.

The difference between each items are only on the required information (ex. workspace).
You can use the Linux (aarch64 sbsa) item for the Jetson connection directly.

More, you can find the detailed support matrix of Nsight Compute in this document:
Jetson cannot be a host device but you can profiling it as a target.