How to do livestream to any network from Raspberry Pi Camera Module with Nvidia Jetson Nano?? Please help me

How to do live video streaming from Jetson nano with the Raspberry Pi Camera Module??Developers please help me with any idea. I want to do live streaming from Raspberry Pi Camera Module with Jetson Nano to any network.

Is this what you’re looking for


It looks that you can take advantage of our Gstreamer plugin called GstWebRTC: It can be used to send video/audio/text by turning GStreamer pipelines into WebRTC compliant endpoints. We offer evaluation versions that you can try if you are interested.

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Actually, I am looking for low cost or open source in which I can get the video from Jetson Nano with Raspberry Pi Camera Module and I want to stream it into another network or same network such that any user can see from a distant place.