How to enable GPU passthrought on ubuntu(Guest: windows)

I follow the nvidia website step by step.

I try to follow this blog for turning on the iommu and vfio.

After I turn on the iommu and vfio, I can install nvidia driver(Quadro T1000)

It still show errors in windows device manager.

Windows can recognize the Nvidia T1000. But nvidia driver still has something wrong.

It shows below:

I use virt-manager(version 2.2.1)

Nvidia quadro T1000 driver(version 465)

I use Ubuntu20.04 instead of redhat.

Did i do something wrong?

How to enable the Nvida GPU passthrough correctly?

Thank you so much.

Hide the hypervisor.

Hi generix,
Thanks for your reply.
How to hide the hypervisor.
Is there an article for reference?
Where to find the sop for hide the hypervisor?

Thank you.

Google? hide the hypervisor nvidia kvm
mark, right-click->search with…

Hi generix,
I find the new for nvidia driver.

If I use r465 nvidia driver, it don’t need hide the hypervisor.
Is that right?

But I use r465’s driver, it still show error for T1000.

Thank you.

The reason might be you’re usng a Quadro, not a Geforce. IDK.

I have tried Quadro T1000 and Gefore RTX 1060. But there are still not working. I asked Taiwan Nvidia’s Mason Wu that Nvidia only support GPU passthrough for server. Is that right?
Nvidia will not support GPU passthrough for laptop?

Thank you.