how to enable TCC of C2050?

hello everyone

I have one server with two C2050 cards, I wanna enable the TCC switch of those cards.

when i run ‘nvidia-smi -g 0 -dm 1’, i get this error “changing driver models is not supported on this platform”,
my OS is RHEL 5.5, and the driver version is 275.28, and I already enabled TCC switch in Windows 2008 r2 successfully.

is there anyone know the solution for this, thanks.

There is no TCC in Linux ( TCC is available on Windows to solve a problem specific to the driver model in Vista).

If you want to use the cards only for compute and have no time out, use the script in the release notes:

Actually this script for Linux gives in the first command “/sbin/modprobe nvidia” an error “Module nvidia_current not found” on Ubuntu 11.04.

Have you installed the driver from Nvidia?
I never use Ubuntu, let me ask around.

Yes, I’ve installed all the drivers successfully without this script.