question about setting up TCC mode TCC mode using nvidia-smi on win2K8 server


Sorry if this is the wrong forum.

i have installed a C2070 TESLA card onto a windows 2008 server-enterprise 32-bit desktop quad-core AMD.
I have installed the 263.06 driver (263.06-tesla-win7-winvista-32bit-international-whql.exe) and i am trying to check whether or not TCC mode has been ‘turned on’.
According to the docs, i can run “nvidia-smi -g (GPU ID) -dm (0 for WDDM, 1 for TCC)” to force the mode to TCC.
I don’t see where nvidia-smi can be found…

Also, i am not sure if i am able to run this card in ‘headless mode’ . Can anyone advise me on how to do so ?

thanks in advance…


I am pretty sure that TCC mode is only supported on 64 bit WDDM operating systems.