How to set Tesla 2075C to TCC usage mode


I’m using CUDA 5.5, on top of Windows 7 - 32 bit OP.

The computer runs with multiple GPUs, First one is Quadro 2000 which is used only for display.
The 2nd card is Tesla 2075C, which I’d like to use only for CUDA propose only.

I watch on “Nvidia control panel”, the Tesla GPU is set under “WDDM mode”.

I tried to set the Tesla card to “TCC mode”, however it’s seems impossible, because nvidia-smi tool is only supported in windows 7 64 bit ( It doesn’t work on windows 7 32 bit, it doesn’t comes with the driver).

Is there any other way to change it ?
Is there a nvidia smi version for 32 bit ?
The smi doesn’t comes either with the driver nor with the CUDA toolkit.

I think that “DDM mode” introduces significant time delay to CUDA application ( > 300ms delay ) from time to time, because of the time out and detection recovery mode.
Is that possible scenario ?



I don’t believe your GPU is operating in WDDM mode on windows XP, because WDDM is not available on windows XP. It was introduced with Windows Vista (WDDM 1.0) and advanced with Windows 7 (WDDM 1.1) and windows 8 (WDDM 1.2)

Likewise, TCC mode is not available on windows XP.

Furthermore, Microsoft’s description of TDR makes no mention of windows XP, as it is a WDDM “feature”:

Thank you for your comment, I wrote it wrong, I’m using windows 7 32 bit instead.

AFAIK TCC mode is not supported on 32-bit windows OS

Perhaps you know whether or not TCC mode is support under

windows server 2008 r2 64 bit OS



It should be.