CUDA Remote Desktop Trying to enable Tesla2050 working on RDC

I am new to CUDA and starting I am trying to have CUDA programs working on Microsoft VS2008 using RDC.
This is my environment:

Device0: Tesla c2050
Device1: Quadro FX380
Drivers: 263.06
OS: Windows Server 2008 R2
Cuda Toolkit 3.2

I tried to use the nvidia-smi command but my system does not recognize it.

Can anybody please help me in giving in a step-by-step procedure to enable working with RDC on a Tesla c2050?
Thanks a lot

CUDA doesn’t work with microsoft’s remote desktop. You can use VNC or logmein (or remotelyanywhere)

If you use the TCC driver for the Tesla card, you will be able to use RDP.

Is this a Tesla only feature ?

It is Tesla only.

My driver is 260.61 which apparently has TCC feature:

I tried to use the nvidia-smi command but my system does not recognize it.

I would really need a step-by-step procedure to make it work.


Can NVIDIA extend this feature to GeForce cards if they are exclusively used for computation (no video output) as a secondary card? Remote desktop is orders of magnitude faster than any version of VNC I tried. Right now I’m using RD to program and then I stop RD, start VNC and try the program … I know that RD is disabling the normal driver and installing another graphic driver, so probably we need a computing driver only for Geforce & CUDA. Or maybe is easier for Microsoft to solve this problem by not deactivating the drivers for non-displaying cards?

Uh, if you’re using a card for only compute, you should be using Tesla.

I agree that NVIDIA needs to sell TESLAs, but I think they are for companies, not for universities where the money for research are always limited. We have 6 GTX 400s. A single TESLA card has a similar price. When we will deploy the application (handwritten text recognition) to a company, we will advice them to buy TESLA cards because they are more reliable.