How to flash and unflash the QSPI-NOR without flash a system?

we want a easy way to make the nano take / untake the boot feature of jp4.5

how to flash and unflash the QSPI-NOR without flash a system?

There is a board config under your Linux_for_Tegra that has only the QSPI inside its file name. Use that for your and it will only flash the QSPI.

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is it in the floder of the jetson system?

and can we erase it with that script when we do not need this feature (ex. to boot a jetpack4.4 image) ?

is it in the floder of the jetson system?

It is on the L4T driver package on your host.

and can we erase it with that script when we do not need this feature (ex. to boot a jetpack4.4 image) ?

I don’t know what do you want to erase here. If you erase the content in QSPI, you nano cannot boot anymore.

i means we do not want the feature some time
( Boot firmware for all Jetson Nano developer kits updated to relocate boot firmware to integrated QSPI-NOR. Developer kits will use microSD Card solely for OS/app storage after this change
Jetpack 4.5 Archive | NVIDIA Developer)

because it can make the jetpack4.4\4.3 image cards useless.

It cannot be disabled. Also, it is not suggested to mix up different jetpack version together.

but how to make our board back to the older firmware?

I already told in previous comment.

is the cmd correct below, if we only want flash the QSPI-NOR?

./ -k EBT <target_board> internal

.# Flash the target board.
.# performs the best in LDK release environment.
.# Usage: Place the board in recovery mode and run:
.# [options] <target_board> <root_device>
.# for more detail enter ‘ -h’
.# Examples:
.# ./ <target_board> internal - boot <target_board> from on-board device (eMMC/SDCARD)
.# ./ <target_board> external - boot <target_board> from external device
.# ./ <target_board> mmcblk0p1 - boot <target_board> from eMMC
.# ./ <target_board> mmcblk1p1 - boot <target_board> from SDCARD
.# ./ <target_board> sda1 - boot <target_board> from USB device
.# ./ <target_board> nvme0n1 - boot <target_board> from NVME storage device
.# ./ -N :/nfsroot <target_board> eth0 - boot <target_board> from NFS
.# ./ -k LNX <target_board> mmcblk1p1 - update <target_board> kernel
.# ./ -k EBT <target_board> mmcblk1p1 - update <target_board> bootloader

There is a board config that has qspi inside it file name. Use it as your target_board and no other “-r” “-k” parameters are needed.

i do not have the concept of flash the board, could you tell me more?which one?

How about you read all the file name of *.conf files there and tell me which one has spi in its name?

And I already told you to read the quick start guide in another post.

i read that, but maybe it is easy to get some misunderstanding, especially non-native English speaker .

is it this?

do we not need to modify it?

Yes, that is. No need to modify it. Put your board to recovery mode and try to flash.

If you don’t read the document, then we cannot help you either.

flash log (4.8 KB)

does the QSPI-NOR flash success?

we only want to flash the QSPI

No, the parameters are wrong. You should use p3449-0000+p3448-0000-qspi and no EBT.

do you mean the file p3542-0000+p3448-0003-qspi.conf?
how to use it?

is it describe in the doc ?

like this?
$ sudo ./ <config> mmcblk0p1
Where is the basename of the flash configuration file:
•jetson-nano-qspi-sd for a SKU 0000 device
•jetson-nano-emmc for a SKU 0002 device

flash log (4.1 KB)

Those *.conf files under your Linux_for_Tegra represent the board config you are going to use in the …

For example,

sudo ./ jetson-nano-devkit mmcblk0p1 means using jetson-nano-devkit.conf this file as board config…

Thus, user can define their own config file and use that to flash the board…

For example, if I write a file 1234.conf, then I can use below command to flash…

sudo ./ 1234 mmclbk0p1.

The rest of work is to know which file is for your need… p3449-0000+p3448-0000-qspi.conf is for jetson nano sdcard module to update the QSPI only.

That p3542-0000+p3448-0003-qspi.conf is for jetson nano 2gb but not 4gb case.

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flash log (13.4 KB)
thx very much
i think i flash the QSPI success
but if we don’t specific which board,
does it that mean we only can connect one board to the host pc ? flash one board every time?

There is a support for massflash tool. But since you are a beginner, I don’t suggest you to try that now.
You may get stuck again and take lots of time.

So I would suggest you to just flash them one by one.