How to 'flip' image orientation in Hello Camera, Thumbs, Emotions, etc Jupyter Notebook training

Hi all,

What python code do i need to add to specific ‘code cells’ in ‘Nvidia Getting Started with Jetson Nano’ Jupyter Lab projects (such as Hello Camera, Thumbs Project), etc - to allow the image displayed to be flipped 180 degrees?

For example, here’s a pic of the screen for the Hello Camera notebook >

The notebooks for ‘Thumbs’ , ‘Emotions’, etc is similar.
(I’ve attached the actual ‘Hello Camera’ notebook file here > csi_camera.ipynb (9.2 KB) )

I see from the code that it imports the ‘CSIcamera’ class and i found at >
GitHub - JetsonHacksNano/CSI-Camera: Simple example of using a CSI-Camera (like the Raspberry Pi Version 2 camera) with the NVIDIA Jetson Nano Developer Kit
the following code that is possibly related re: ‘GStreamer Parameter’ >

I’ve also found over at Taking Your First Picture with CSI or USB Camera | NVIDIA Developer another method to orient the camera picture >

So any light on the above would be appreciated!
(Too awkward to turn my ‘Nano’ upside down to change the orientation)

Regards, Michael.

Hi @mail2mick, please see this thread about how to manually add flip-method setting to the GStreamer pipeline in jetcam library:

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