Jetson.utils CSI Camera Flip GStreamer


I am using a Jetson Nano and followed the Object Detection in 10 lines of code of Python. My camera feed is upside down, and I cannot simply rotate it physically due to a mounting constraint.

I was wondering if there is a command or something I can edit in the .h or .cpp file to flip the camera feed by 180? The topics in the past seem out dated as the solutions are not applicable to the current .cpp files where it says to change flip_method = 2 or etc. The flip_method is nowhere to be found in the .cpp or .h file

For the python gstreamer pipeline you can add flip_method to the launch strings like below.

nvarguscamerasrc ! 'video/x-raw(memory:NVMM)' ! nvvidconv flip-method=1 ! ......

Hi @TTNprog, if you are using a MIPI CSI camera, you can run this: --input-flip=rotate-180 csi://0

You can see the camera command line options here:

The source is similar to that of the YouTube tutorial you followed, you can find it here:

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