How to get Hairworks running in UE4


I am trying to Hairworks for UE4. I already got an .apx exported from Maya and (for testing) one from 3dsMax. In UE4 an error occurs: “File extension .apx is unknown”. I think this means Hairworks is not installed for UE4?

I went to Nvidia´s GitHub an cloned the Hairworks Masterbranch and now I am not sure what to do. I ve read about a “PlugIn” and about a whole “costume build” for UE4. I have downloaded and installed Visual Studio and I have downloaded the newest Version of UE4, which is 4.24 I think. I found a lot of “.bat” and a few of them are starting Visual Studio, but I have no idea what happens/should happen.

What should I do to get Hairworks running?

Im trying this on:
UE4.24 or what ever is necessary
Maya 2017 including Hairworksplugin
Visual Studio Community 2017 -Version 15.8.4

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Make sure you connected GitHub and EpicGames accounts