how to get the "pts/dts/pcr" from output of cuda h264 encoder?

I want to mux the h264 es stream from cuda encoder into mpeg-ts stream,I’m using libvlc to do it(libVlc is the core of vlc media player,it using the ffmeg as its mpeg muxer),but I must know the pts/dts/pcr value in the output from encoder because muxer need the information,so how can I get the value?

At present,I’m using the cuda encoder directshow filter to do encoding task,I found I can get the pts for calling “IMediaSample::GetTime()” function,when the profile is “baseline”,but when setting the profile as “main” or “high”, the time info in mediasample is Some bit strange,and can’t treat it as pts,is it a bug of cuda encoder?