How to play the .264 file outputed by CUDA Video Encoder? CUDA 3.2 SDK

How guys,

I tried the CUDA Video Encoder introduced in CUDA 3.2 SDK, and it did work!

However, I don’t know how to How to play the .264 file outputted by CUDA Video Encoder, I tried lots of codes and players (FFMPEG, FFDSHOW, MPC, VLC…), these all failed to render it. And the CUDA SDK Decoder also couldn’t decode it correctly…

Can any guys tell me about that? Great thanks!

I am using winxp 32bit, CUDA 3.2 SDK.

VLC should help. It may require you to have installed Directshow etc… Make sure the pre-requisites r there

Thank you sarnath.

I have directshow, and I have tried lots of codec…ffdshow…it didn’t work.

Try Mplayer Classic (or) Try renaming the file as .h264

See the “view - messages” of VLC to know what is the actual prblem

Won’t the output of the encoder API be the “naked” video stream? You will still need to embed the video into a suitable container format then write that out to disk. Most decoder libraries can’t detect the video format of a raw bitstream, and need metadata from the container to work out how to play the video.

Avidday, I have played these naked streams using VLC - as far as I can remember

Can you guys give some guides about how to embed the naked 264 stream to some suitable container?? I am a newbie in this area…Thanks in advance…

I tried VLC, it cannot playback the raw h264 file…:wallbash:

Go to view - messages in VLC - It will display errors if any. That will give you hint as to what is missing.

The VLC (by the way VLC is not dependent on DirectShow in any way) is able to play elementary H.264 bitstreams. The stream has to begin with a SPS (sequence parameter set: 00 00 00 01 67 = startcode) followed by a PPS (picture parameter set: 00 00 00 01 68 = startcode) usually followed by a coded I slice (00 00 00 01 65 = startcode). Most encoders insert the SPS/PPS combination before an I frame. Some encoders use 00 00 00 01 27 as a start code for the SPS and 00 00 00 01 28 for the PPS. The SPS/PPS is needed to set up the decoder. It contains all required information like resolution and framerate. For the VLC I use the file extension *.h264. Alternatively you can use YAMB2 ( to create a mp4 file that can also be played by the MPC HT (Media Player Classic - Home Theater). If YAMB can not multiplex a valid mp4 file than the bitstream is corrupt.

If you start recording in the middle of the bitstream try to find the first SPS header and cut off all bytes before. If you can not find a SPS header then something is wrong.
I was able to successfully write the bitstream into an AVI with the C API and to an mp4 file using the DirectShow filter (this only worked with the ATI MPEG Multiplexer).

If I rename the file to .h264 instead of .264, I can play them in VLC Media Player.

well, i played the output file .264 with vlc player but i got color wrong.

though i workd fine but i am having wrong color like red colour is being replace with blue and blue is replaced by red…strange…

can any one help me out with that…

Also… i cant decode the output file … i tried using cudaDecoded3d9 SDK code but the code exits out in between…wat wrong am i doing…

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