I can't H264 Decoding as well as NVCUVID Decoding Spec. Help Me.

Hello. I brought GTX960 video card for hardware decoding.

I want to decode some h.264 video files suing NVCUVID Decoder.

All Video file’s codec is H.264/AVC1. and I know that NVCUVID can decode H.264.

Some files are succeeded but some files are failed.

I can’t find difference between those two case. Because all of them’s video codec is H.264!

What can I do for successful decoding?

I attached 4 files (2 is succeed case, 2 is failed case)

Can I get help for this problem?

I think, .avi maybe problem? (But that’s just container… codec is same)

I was using NVCUVID decorder in reference sample codes. (Not modified, just change source file’s path.)