OpenGL Video Decoder H.264 Example app provided with the CUDA SDK

Using Cuda 2.3 with the latest drivers, SDK, and toolkit provided.

trying to use this example: CUDA/OpenGL Video Decode

The video file provided with the example works(plush1_720p_10s.m2v). I tried an .mp4, which does play in videolan and MS media player, so I know the file is ok. However, when I try to decode this .mp4 with the SDK cuvidCreateVideoSource fails saying its an invalid source. I’m downloading another H.264 formated file now just to be 100% sure. Is H.264 working for anyone? I read elsewhere that someone is having a similar issue, but nobody responded to him/her.

Also, once I can figure out if the SDK can really decode H.264, I have the video coming from an IP. I’m assuming cuvidCreateVideoSource is just a high level helper class… and that I can push the data into this SDK from something other than a file?

Thank you anyone pointing me in the right direction! I’m having a hard time finding detailed information on the video decoding API…so if anyone has some good links I would be thankful.


Hey Vin,

I also had the same problem like yours before and even had the problem for playing the default video. My enviornment is Windows XP and GTX 260. However, I installed the lastest graphic card driver which is 196.21_desktop_winxp_32bit_english_whql.exe and it went well.

So, maybe this is a good move to try but i dont promise you anything. :P