How to get transcoder load in percents?

If we do not force max GPU rate (/sys/kernel/debug/bpmp/debug/clk/nvenc/mrq_rate_locked and other 10 files), then jetson starts working sometimes slowly and breaks transcoding.

When we put maximum rate, then it is not clear, how to identify current GPU load.

Is there such possibility?

Hi maxlapshin,

Please use Tegrastat to monitor the GPU workload status, see


How can it help if GPU rate is locked? Tegrastat shows static numbers because rate is locked.

You can still the GPU load using tegrastats. It’s called GR3D_FREQ. If you want a visualization, be sure to try jtop!

RAM 1279/7867MB (lfb 1608x4MB) CPU [30%@2001,68%@2035,67%@2035,24%@2035,30%@2034,28%@2035] EMC_FREQ 20%@1866 GR3D_FREQ 0%@1300 NVENC 1164 NVDEC 1203 APE 150 MTS fg 0% bg 0% PLL@58C MCPU@58C PMIC@100C GPU@55C BCPU@58C VDD_SYS_GPU 573/573 VDD_SYS_SOC 2438/2516 VDD_4V0_WIFI 57/57 VDD_IN 8443/8819 VDD_SYS_CPU 2342/2564 VDD_SYS_DDR 2165/2239
RAM 1280/7867MB (lfb 1608x4MB) CPU [37%@1999,58%@2035,66%@2035,38%@2000,38%@1999,39%@1999] EMC_FREQ 21%@1866 GR3D_FREQ 0%@1300 NVENC 1164 NVDEC 1203 APE 150 MTS fg 0% bg 0% PLL@58.5C MCPU@58.5C PMIC@100C GPU@55.5C BCPU@58.5C VDD_SYS_GPU 573/573 VDD_SYS_SOC 2627/2531 VDD_4V0_WIFI 57/57 VDD_IN 9035/8850 VDD_SYS_CPU 2532/2559 VDD_SYS_DDR 2300/2247

GR3D_FREQ shows 0%

Maybe something is misconfigured on local board?

What is current load of this system?