in tegrastats, CPU% and GPU% are utilization? load?

i am using tegrastats program to know CPU & GPU utilization.
i don’t know exact information about tegrastats.
CPU% and GPU% are utilization exactly? i hope that

Hi gooooooo,

Please take a look at “Appendix”->“Tegra Stats Utility” section in first. Thanks!

thank you, vickyy.
in Tegra Stats Utility, CPU[x%] is Load statistics.
but, i see “This is a rough approximation based on time spent in system idle process as reported by the Linux kernel in /proc/stat file.”
typically CPU utillization is caculated through /proc/stat information.
then… in this point, Utilization = load ???


Hi Vicky, I checked the appendix, but found no guide on tegrastats showing memory usage for specific Linux process? nvidia-smi can show such information as follow

| Processes: GPU Memory |
| GPU PID Type Process name Usage |
| 1 5193 C python 4514MiB

NVML doesn’t support JTX1 so nvidia-smi isn’t available.
Please take a look at