How to get TX2 camera image timestamp

Hi, I’m a consumer of your Jetson TX2 development kit.

I try to use camera image and the timestampped data.

So, I coded like below

const ICaptureMetadata* iMetadata = interface_cast(metaData);
uint64_t sensor_time = iMetadata->getSensorTimestamp();

Using this code, I can get the sensortimestamp upto 4.3 sec.
After 4.3 sec, the time show initialized.

The question is that I hope to use the full system time or internal time.
Not initialized, keep going time.

Is there any ideas or function or method to get the system time that the same time I captured image.

Thank you.
I hope to see your response.

The timestamp is the from the kernel get time API. The only way is changing your system time to kernel time to sync up it.

Thank you for your answer.

Then is there some kernel get time API reference paper? or Example code?

Thank you.

It’s could be the kernel API clock_gettime(CLOCK_MONOTONIC)