How to identify Nano?

Hi, how can I identify the Nano from the command line (or python)?
Currently I do:

with open('/sys/module/tegra_fuse/parameters/tegra_chip_id', 'r') as f:
                board = f.readline().strip()
                if board == "64":
          ['model'] = 'TK1'
                elif board == "33":
          ['model'] = 'TX1'
                elif board == "24":
          ['model'] = 'TX2'

But the Nano identifies as chip id 33 (ie same as TX1).

I have no Nano for checking, but in older release on TX1 there was some SOC ID available from:

cat /sys/devices/soc0/soc_id

You can try looking here:

$ cat /proc/device-tree/model



I don’t know how far back that goes in previous version L4T versions, but it appears to be correct currently for the Nano, TX2 and Xavier in L4T 32.1

There’s nothing like that in /sys/devices these days, but thanks for the suggestion!

Bingo, thanks :)