How to check Module name

How to check Module name by SKU?

What kind of “module name” is that? You cannot tell whether a module is nano or nx ?

we are jetson nano.
we used “lshw -C systemshw -C system” to query the product name.
we want to know add jetson nano series product module name .

Probably only able to find the module number. And use that number to know which module is that.
You can refer to how jtop tool give out the board name.

which docs had the info about different sku corresponding product module.

The origin of the module info is the module eeprom. So you can read this first.

in the tegra210-p3448-0002-p3449-0000-b00.dts ,
model = “NVIDIA Jetson Nano Developer Kit”; so ,we query the info is “NVIDIA Jetson Nano Developer Kit”.
we used SKU 0002, so ,what is the name? our customer had some confusion.

There is no “name” for this. I really don’t know what name you want here.

What is the confusion here?

p3448 itself is the name. It is jetson nano module. And different sku to different cases like 2gb/sd/emmc.

I could be wrong about this (someone correct me if I am), but I think the first half is the module designation, including revision (in this case 0002):

The second half is the carrier board plus revision:

The “T210” series is the TX1 SoC (and Nano also uses the TX1 SoC). TX2 would be T186, and anything Xavier would be T194. The much older TK1 is the T124.