Jetson Nano Module system info didn't match the product type?

Hello~ We got some Nano Module(Emmc verison - Customer production Module) , and we use command “lshw -c system” to get the system information as below:

root@fd-desktop:/home/fd# lshw -c system
description: Computer
product: NVIDIA Jetson Nano Developer Kit
serial: 14227200xxxxx
width: 64 bits
capabilities: smp cp15_barrier setend swp

The problem is why the product name shows “NVIDIA Jetson Nano Developer Kit” , it miss match with Our Product(Jetson Nano Module) , why it different?

Is the command “lshw -c system” get the system info directly from dts? Pls help us to verify? Thank you very much~

There is no real product that named “Jetson Nano Module”. Even emmc module can work on devkit carrier board.

This string is from the dts file as the “model” property inside it.