How to find which Jetson it is and also if it is a developer version or production version?


Is there a way to find what Jetson platform I am working on? Also, is it a developer version or production version?


hello caruofc,

may I know what’s your actual use-case?

please check Jetson Modules page for [Technical Specifications] of the comparison of each Jetson platforms.
you may also check the release tag, (i.e. $ cat /etc/nv_tegra_release ) for the confirmation of the JetPack/L4T version on your target. please also refer to JetPack Archive for the detailed list of JetPack and L4T release versions.

Doc says if you read EEPROM, you can find out what it is. But that’s not fit to my case.
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try that!

I need to identify a particular Jetson platform, not only if it is Nano, Xavier etc but also whether or not it is a developer kit version or production release. If there is a way to get the SKU number programmatically that might also help and I could then match and confirm the board type.

Hey, this might just work

0002 for Jetson Nano (customer product module)
0000 for Jetson Nano (Jetson Nano Developer Kit module)

Thanks @MtHiker ! will try that.

you may also looking into the flashing configuration file, there’s process_board_version() for reading board versions.