How to install additional packages in the docker container?

Hello.I installed docker container from here : []. It works good, but now I need trt_pose, torch2trt, and matplotlib.

Is it possible to install all these packages in the docker container ?If so, how can i do that ?
[ Is it even possible to install additional packages in the docker container ?]

Hi @A98, yes, you can install packages from pip/apt/github/ect inside the container the same that you would outside the container. You have those commands available in the container’s terminal prompt that’s running in your screenshot.

Then when you’ve made your changes/additions, you can use docker commit to save the updated container image to another tag. Then next time you start container, run that new tag instead, and you will see your changes (instead of them being lost after you exit).

None of this is specific to Jetson containers - the development process is the same for docker containers on x86 or other architectures. Eventually you will want to make/build your own Dockerfile that pragmatically installs your additional changes and uses mine as the base image, so that you can easily reproduce/rebuild your final container.

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