Install tensorrt on a Docker Container (Jetson AGX Xavier, 35.4.1, Jetpack 5.1.2)

I am trying to install tensorrt on a docker container but struggling to. When I check for it locally outside of a container, I can find it and confirm my version as

How can I install it on the docker container using a Docker File?

I tried doing python3 install tenssort but was running into errors


Which container do you use?
On Jetson, please use a l4t-based container for compatibility.

Within the container, it should be:

$ apt install nvidia-tensorrt


I was using l47-base-35.4.1

WHen I tried using apt install nvidia-tensorrt, I was running into issues saying I should use pip install.

I added a second FROM statement in my Dockerfile and used the tag “” to get tenssort. Is this tenssorrt nvidia-tensorrt?


Yes, you can use the image directly

However when I try to look for the tensorrt package in my container it does not seem to be installed.


Let’s track the following issue on the newly opened topic:


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