How to install Cuda 7.5 with the newest Nvidia driver (361.28)?

I installed the cuda 7.5 with the default NVIDIA 352.39 version.

How do I make it work with update to 361.28?

Because I can see the dismatch if I just install 361.28 without manual configuring something.

If this is on linux make sure that:

  1. If you used the runfile installer method to install CUDA 7.5 that you also use a driver runfile installer.
  2. If you used the package manager installer method to install CUDA 7.5, then make sure you use a package manager method to install any updated driver.

Yes,I used the runfile installer in Ubuntu 15.10.

Do you mean install Cuda first then install driver?

Actually I installed driver 361.28 first by run file. When I installed Cuda runfile, I chose not to install 352.39 which comes together with Cuda.However, this installation order does not work.

Cuda still think there is a 352.29 driver installed. It cannot match to 361.28 automatically.

Then you’ve done something incorrectly.

If you start with a clean OS load, and

If you install the driver using the runfile installer from here:

And then use the CUDA 7.5 runfile installer from here:

and select “no” when prompted to install the driver, you will get CUDA 7.5 with the 361.28 driver.

If you have an issue with 352.39, it means that at some point previously you installed 352.39 and it is still around or did not get removed properly. This can happen for example if you previously installed CUDA or 352.39 using the package manager method.

This time I installed everything according to your order. It seems that CUDA is now working with 361.28 driver. However, when I turn down the X server in Ubuntu, or push Cltr-Alt-F1, the computer will completely stuck. Why?

Before I install CUDA, I only installed the 361.28 driver. No such problem.

My guess would be that your display is hosted by a non-NVIDIA gpu, and the cuda driver installation messed up your GL stack. This would only be obvious upon a reboot or restart of the X-server. A connected or related issue might be that the xorg.conf file is not specified correctly to match your display configuration, after the driver install.

Precise details about your setup as well as exact sequences that you followed are needed to diagnose such issues. But you can find lots of other postings here that discuss this type of problem and what some possible solutions are.

The solutions posted don’t address the installation of the driver via the package repository provided by Nvidia.

Correct. For these special cases (e.g. display hosted by non-NVIDIA gpu), for the solutions I posted anyway, I mostly rely on the runfile installer methods to give me the most control over install steps and sequences.

I have never (to the best of my recollection) used any installation method other than the .run file installer and highly recommend it.