Kubuntu 15.04 Installing CUDA Troubles

I recently upgraded to Kubuntu 15.04, albeit with a lot of issues that have occurred. This one I thought would be most suited for here. I need to get CUDA 7/7.5 reinstalled for my work (I develop using CUDA, so I need to get all of the development libraries).

As a part of installing CUDA 7.5 via the deb(network) for ubuntu 15.04 option on the website, it wants to install the graphics drivers 352.39. In the past, doing this sort of thing hasn’t been a problem, but for some reason these newer drivers causes consistent crashes for plasma/kde once logged in.

I managed to get back to the 346.96 drivers from the main ubuntu repositories, but it seems like I can’t install CUDA 7.5 without the later drivers. So I’m left with two paths to follow that I can think of:

  1. Figure out if anything can be done to install the 352.39 drivers somehow without the desktop crashing beyond all hope
  2. Figure out if I can install CUDA 7.5 with my current version (346.96) of the drivers

Does anyone have any ideas? Thanks.

CUDA 7.5 requires r352 or newer drivers. It will not work with r346. CUDA 7 should work with r346

Ok, well that removes option 2 from my list. I suppose I could try installing CUDA 7, but I can’t seem to find a download link for older versions through the website. Does anyone have a link?

Older toolkits can be downloaded from the “toolkit archive” page: