Cannot install CUDA 7.5 on Linux Debian

I’m running into troubles when installing CUDA 7.5 on a Linux DEBIAN distribution.

First I installed the required NVIDIA drivers (version 352.55). This is the UBUNTU version, but it works fine.

When installing CUDA the run file is complaining it cannot find the required driver.

Is possible to add the driver path to the installation manually to make it work? And what is the difference between UBUNTU and DEBIAN?

Thanks for your help!

Here is an image to clarify:

I don’t think there is any problem at all.

If you previously installed 352.55, things should be fine.

The CUDA runfile installer is just being very noisy about the fact that you skipped the driver install. But since you already have an acceptable driver, that is fine.

Try running nvidia-smi, and also try building and running some of the CUDA sample codes like deviceQuery, as suggested in the install guide. I think you will find everything is working.

It is an annoying problem.

If you just install the CUDA 7.5, by some reason it is gonna replace your nvidia-driver if I’m not wrong.

You need to know exactly what is your proper nvidia drivers version.

If you are in Ubuntu as you said, go to System Settings > Software & Updates > Additional Drivers

Look for you higher driver (proprietary, tested).

In my case it is 340.93, check this out and find which one is yours.

This is gonna be your driver!

Now, as soon as you know which one is your driver, you have to check the proper CUDA version for it, in my case, it is 6.5, sad right?

Please, forgive me if something went wrong about what I said, it is just empirical knowledge.

Looking forward to see if that works for you.