How to make an executable file run on NVIDIA gpus

I downloaded NOMIC AI gpt4all, but it is running really slow, as it is not utilizing the 4 2080 ti’s I have installed on my system (its only using cpu computing power). So far, I have tried Nvidia insight, uninstalling/reinstalling drivers, and using Nvidia PRIME. The only one of those that worked was NVidia PRIME, utilizing 1% of GPU 0 when running the chat executable (I used ‘prime-run ‘executable’’ in the terminal to do this.) However, the speed did not increase. Also, prime originally wasn’t working for me either, prime profiles were/still aren’t available in Nvidia settings on my system, and I had to write my own prime-run script for use. I am trying to find a way to utilize the computing power of all 4 of my gpus to run this executable chat file faster.