How to pause video using detectnet in jetson nano?

I want to develop pause and stop for video instant in detectnet ?
I am using jetson nano!

Hi @balagopal620, you can put in a sleep() call in the main loop of the program to pause the processing and output. When you resume, the video input will probably skip ahead as their isn’t pausing/seeking functionality built into the videoSource interface in jetson-inference/jetson-utils.

I want to pause the video at a press of a key,is there any way to do that.Thank you,for the solution

You would need to cast the videoOutput object pointer to glDisplay* pointer and use the glDisplay::GetKey() function to check the key state, or use a glDisplay event callback to monitor key presses.

Before casting the videoOutput object, it’s recommended to use the videoOutput::IsType() function to assure that it is in fact a glDisplay object first.

sorry for not being clear, i am using file to automate a process can you kindly suggest a python option for the above problem.

I don’t have those functions exposed through Python, sorry about that. Instead you could try using a Python library like pynput to get the keyboard input.

Thank you, i will try that is there any chance to expose the keyboard in python in the future ?

I don’t currently have plans to do so, as the glDisplay interface has already been deprecated in lieu of the videoOutput interface, which is not focused on GUI.

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