How to perform aggregation operations on sampled events

Hello all, this is my first post here, hoping not ask stupid questions. :D

I’m using nsight system 2021.2.1 for Windows host, and I have profiled a TensorRT C++ program on Xavier. I’m surprised at the power of this tool and grateful for its detailed and friendly display. But I find that I can only go deep into sampled events one by one. Is it possible to perform some aggregation operations on sampled events, such as count the total time of events meeting some filters?

Hoping for your reply and thanks in advance,

No reply for a long time. If I didn’t make the issue clear, please point it out.


I have not found a convenient solution yet, but I did find a feasible one. CLI nsys stat provides some built-in scripts to generate statistics, but they are very limited. So I can write my scripts to get summary statistics I want. But I’m not sure whether all data I see in GUI can be found in sqlite file directly. If not, is there any document about derived data?

I wonder whether there is a more convenient solution. What I expect is that I select some events in timeline view / events view from GUI and then click a button to get statistics, which would be very intuitive and friendly to the majority of GUI users.

Any feedback would be helpful.

Sorry for the huge delay, your question was dropped into a forum that was stranded and no one saw it.

The majority of the data that is in the GUI is also available in the SQLite, and you can find information about the sqlite schema either by using the .table function in sqlite3 or by looking at the exporter documentation, which can be found in the documentation directory where you have Nsys installed.

In the future we are hoping to be able to have selective statistics available in the GUI, but we are not there yet.