How to realize auto-text and auto-completion ?

We all know that it’s convenient when edit code with the function of auto-text and auto-completion in VS2005 using the tool software Visual AssistX. In a .cpp or .c file, the auto-text function works well, but in the .cu file it cut no ice. So does any body know how to realize auto-text in VS2005? thanks for any reply.

Although I’d really like something like this, I never really investigated it. We can enable syntax highlighting in VS, but VAX still does not parse the file. Check the configuration in the IDE plugin, or maybe they have a cfg file somewhere we can edit and make it work for CUDA files…

The lazy (dumb and impractical) solution would be to rename the .cu files to .cpp just for editing and then back to .cu when done. Let us know if you find a good solution!

I am very glad to tell you that I have find a simple solution about autotext. The most important thing is tell the Visual Assist X the file Type which should parse. Because of the cuda file is edit like C and C++, so we can just think that the cuda file is parsed like a cpp file.

First, find the Visual Assist X install directory:

\Program Files\Visual Assist X\Autotext, then make a copy of Cpp.tpl, rename it to Cu.tpl, apply same operation to the “Latest” directory.

Second, open the regedit table, and search it with the key word “Visual Assist X” until you find in the VANet8 in HKEY_USERS\S-1-5-21-1757981266-220523388-725345543-1003\Software\Whole Tomato\Visual Assist X\VANet8

Here you can see many attribute setting about Visual Assist X,

click the item ExtHeader and add the .cu in the list, same to the item ExtSource.

save and quit.

now open the project, you can see the .cu file also can have funchtion of autotext. if you want to customize your autotext content, you can modify the Cu.tpl to finish.