How to Record Video in Movie Capture Extension?

That might be a very basic question, but I’m somehow unable to determine, how I can record a video in the Movie Capture Extension. In the official documentation, I can select the image files .png, .tar, .exr, but I don’t find how I can save the recording as a video file?

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@DrNo i am just another user, but based on my experience, Isaac Sim 2023.1.0-hotfix.1 uses a different movie capture extension version than other OV app, such as Composer 2023.2.0.

  • in Isaac Sim - v 2.3.9
  • in Composer - v 2.2.15

and it’s in Composer (with movie capture extension v 2.2.15) where a .mp4 option is available:


alternatively, you could use a video editing program to encode the mp4 one you have the frames after the fact, it’s just going to take another step to get what you are after.

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I found a solution when I faced this same issue! The cause is not related to which Movie Capture version you are using (I tried both v2.3.9 and v2.2.15 and still .mp4 did not appear as an option).

The cause is that probably you are not importing the video encoding extension. I discovered this because I was getting this warning message in the console:
[omni.kit.window.movie_capture.output_settings_widget] Movie capture: Unable to support .mp4 capture due to failed to import the video encoding extension.

To solve this, you only need to search and install the Video Encoding Extension:

Hope that this works for you, let me know if it did! @Simplychenable @DrNo


aha, this is very good to know. the only reason i brought up versions was because it’s what i figured was the difference between Composer vs Isaac Sim and i don’t normally use Isaac Sim to render. so, i will have the remember this! thanks for sharing @victor.ramirez !

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