How to remove uboot in Jetpack 3.1?

IN NVIDIA_Tegra_Linux_Driver_Package nvl4t_docs, [Kernel Customization]-[Kernel Boot Time Optimization]-[Secondary Bootloader], said:

You can remove uboot as the secondary bootloader to remove boot time of u-boot. The following modifications are required before flashing:

if [ -z “${USE_UBOOT}” ]; then

It seems that USE_UBOOT is “using_uboot” in Jetpack 3.1.
I set using_uboot=0 in, but the uboot still work.

So how can I remove uboot?

I removed the blow code in p2371-2180-devkit.conf:


Then there is no uboot in boot sequence.

It’s seem worked, but I don’t known whether it has other problem.

Anyone can give me some suggestions?

hello zhili_liu,

may i confirm you’re working this on TX1, right?
the remove u-boot in the documentation is for TX2.

u-boot includes default configuration that enables all supported hardware features,
please refer to [U-Boot Customizatio]->[Optimizing U-Boot Boot Time] to optimize boot time.

Hi JerryChang,

It’s on TX1.

Do you have method to remove uboot in TX1?

How about method “remove DFLT_KERNEL_IMAGE” to remove uboot in TX1?


Are you attempting to branch directly to Linux kernel execution without a boot loader? If so, there are some serious flaws since device setup and environment expected by the kernel will not be valid. There are things you can do to make U-Boot faster (e.g., not probe for alternate boot media, and not pause for a second or two while waiting for serial console to interrupt)…not having any boot loader at all won’t work since it is not a simple microcontroller.