How to restart/free gstreamer with jetson nano?

The gstreamer pipeline works fine for the first time in python-opencv after each boot. But after exiting normally, the same code will report an error when trying to open gstreamer again. opencv cannot read each frame from the gstreamer pipeline. So I would like to ask if there is a bash command or python script that can free the resources occupied by gstreamer? There are similar problems in the forum, but above methods do not work for the problem I am currently facing.

Hope to get your help! Thanks!

There is no existing python sample but a user shares a C sample:
Nvidia-desktop kernel: [407343.357549] (NULL device *): nvhost_channelctl: invalid cmd 0x80685600 - #18 by DawnMaples

Please refer to it and see if you can run the same in python.

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