Jetson nano gstream left open


I am currently using the Jetson nano with an IMX219 CSI camera. I am using gstreamer in C++ to capture video footage that I then do image processing on. The problem I am encountering is that every so often I break my code and the Jetson does a core dump. The problem comes in when I try and run the code again. The Code fails to open the gstreamer pipeline. I am assuming that this is because the pipeline is being left open when the code crashed in the previous run. Is there any way to close that pipeline if this is the case. The current way that I fix this is by just restarting the Jetson but this gets very tedious at times. Any help would be appreciated.

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Instead of rebooting, you can restart nvargus-daemon:

sudo systemctl restart nvargus-daemon.service

You may better try to properly close the gstreamer pipeline. If you’re experiencing this from opencv, you may try to install a signal handler that would release the VideoCapture (check this post).

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