How to run trusty samples on jetson Xavier?

I want to run trusty app on my Xavier, but I can’t find trusty/app/sample directory on my Xavier. Do I need to build and install trusty? If so,I noticed “You can assemble lk.bin into a firmware image and flash it to the device. Generating firmware images varies depending on the board being used. Contact your board manufacturer for instructions.”on How should i deel with it?

hello gfan100,

you might access the latest L4T Sources via download center.
you should also found the trusty_src.tbz2 package included, please refer to below for reference,
for example,

I found those files. I need to build them on my x86_64 Linux device with L4T Toolchain, right? It seems like I also need to flash the OS on Xavier right?
Thank you.

hello gfan100,

please setup an environment for implementation,
you may also check Trusted Application Development for developing TAs.
please also refer to similar discussion thread, Topic 128041 for reference.