How to save raw frames at the same time with RGB preview using Argus on Orin?

Many cameras have this option, but how to do this with Argus?
I see there is sample jetson_multimedia_api/argus/samples/rawBayerOutput/main.cpp
but it uses 2 sensors: one for raw (using setEnableIspStage(false)) and one for ISP-processed (setEnableIspStage(true)).
Is it possible to do that from the same sensor?
Thank you

hello jhnlmn,

may I know what’s the actual use-case?
so far… it works with different pipeline to dump the raw (by v4l) and preview the frames (by nvarguscamerasrc).

I already explained the use case in the title: save raw, preview processed. There are many articles on the Web explaining why professional photographers prefer to save raw (before debayering, before ISP) images and process them in post production. Therefore, all cameras must support this option. Also raw images are 3 times smaller than RGB - much better for saving.
So you are saying that it is not possible using Argus API alone? I thought, may be, using different output streams on the same session will do the trick, would it?

I tried to run different pipelines at the same time, as you suggested: nvarguscamerasrc and v4l2-ctl,
but the latter returns “VIDIOC_REQBUFS returned -1 (Device or resource busy)”
What I am missing?

hello jhnlmn,

ya… that’s currently not support to dump raw and preview frames simultaneously.
please see-also Camera Architecture Stack.

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