How to set maximum CPU/GPU frequency?

Is there a quick way to set CPU/GPU frequency to maximum?

In Jetson Xavier, there is But for Drive Xavier, there is no such file. Is there any alternative to do this?


Dear owen_luck,
Thank you for bringing it to our notice. We will fix this documentation issue and update you

It will be good if there is a similar script to maximize clock speed over Drive Xavier. Is there any temporary thing we can try before official update?

Dear owen_luck,
You can notice that board runs at max frequency.
To check available frequencies: cat /sys/devices/17810000.vgpu/devfreq/17810000.vgpu/available_frequencies
To check current frequency: cat /sys/devices/17810000.vgpu/devfreq/17810000.vgpu/cur_freq

Thanks for the reply, Siva. With your help, I know how to check GPU frequency.

How about CPU frequency and Memory bus clock frequency?

Dear owen_luck,
We are in processing updating the documentation.
EMC clock: sudo cat /sys/kernel/debug/bpmp/debug/clk/emc/rate
GPU clock: sudo cat /sys/class/devfreq/17810000.vgpu/cur_freq
for CPU clock look for rate entry corresponds to nafll_cluster<0/1/2/3> in /sys/kernel/debug/bpmp/debug/clk/clk_tree

Dear owen_luck,
Did you check the given commands?

Hello, Siva,

Yes, these commands all work.

One question is: the maximum GPU freq in Drive Xavier is 1.18 GHz which is lower than the maximum GPU freq of Jetson Xavier (2.1 GHz), is it correct?


Guys, I also have a small question on CPU frequency.

I see that our cores have the following frequency:
nafll_cluster0 1 1856000000 1 0 vdd_cpu@850000
nafll_cluster1 1 1856000000 1 0 vdd_cpu@850000
nafll_cluster2 1 1856000000 1 0 vdd_cpu@850000
nafll_cluster3 1 1856000000 1 0 vdd_cpu@850000

But this article ( suggest that it could be actually higher
8-core NVIDIA Carmel 64-bit ARMv8.2 @ 2265MHz
So, several questions:

  1. How do we control throttling and min/max frequency?
  2. What is max frequency of ARM cores?
  3. The same goes to GPU cores
    I understand that in jetpack there are some scripts that can help, but we do not have them in DRIVE and it seems that standard Linux approach do not work for Xavier.

Dear mikeln2k0,
By default, CPU and GPU runs at high frequency. We do not support frequency scaling for CPU/GPU. The above provided commands allows you to know the operating frequncies.

Hello Siva,

really, there is no frequency scaling for CPUs or only no support for scaling in user mode (governor or nvpmode setting)?
Are all 8 ARM cores run with 1.856 GHz without any dynamic frequency scaling?

I made some performance measurement tests on Xavier using perf and i got other results.


Dear owen_luck,
We have updated clock section already in Drive 8.0 documentation