How to transfer data to cuda-process of nvivafilter

Recently I am researching how to use cuda-process of nvivafilter.I downlaod an nvsample_cudaprocess source code and modify the contents of gpu_process. I used gstreamer to write a program, and I need to transfer some parameters to the gpu_process of nvivafilter.but I don’t know how to send it. Can someone help me?

Hi changding, by following README you can build your own Any difficulty you have faced in modifying

Hi DaneLLL
What should I do if I want to transfer external variables to the gpu_process interface of the nvivafilter element?

hi changding, you can extern the variables to

Hi DaneLLL
The input image data is stored in EGLImageKHR, and the image data output to the next element is also this EGLImageKHR right?

Some examples of using nvivafilter:

Hi changding,

You can also review GstCuda and check if it matches your requirements:

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Hi DaneLLL:
I also have the same question, but cannot find any good answer from your links. I have some cuda algorithms, which can not modify the input EGLImageKHR image in place but create new image. I know I can copy the new generated image to the input, but is there any better way like swap the new image handle to it or other? In short, I want to create a gstreamer transform element. Thanks!

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Hi cnhzcy14,
We suggest you use MMAPI to have more flexibility.