NVIVA Filter

I am looking into doing some video processing using Gstreamer and the GPU and I came across the nvivafilter. From the snippet in the multimedia guide it looks interesting, however, I can’t find any docs on what kind of .so’s it can run and what API a library would have to implement to be used by this component. If anyone has any guidance on how to use this module that would be appreciated.

A similar question was asked about a month ago, looks like there’s not much that Nvidia can describe about nvivafilter yet: https://devtalk.nvidia.com/default/topic/933191/jetson-tx1/sharing-memory-between-cuda-and-openmax-codec-tx1-or-other-fast-data-transfer-/post/4867892/


Latest L4T R24.2 TX1 public release @ https://developer.nvidia.com/embedded/linux-tegra provides sources of the libsample_process.so library.

You need to download nvsample_cudaprocess_src.tbz2 from source package link of R24.2 release page.

Please refer nvsample_cudaprocess_README.txt for the details of the interface APIs needs to be implemenated.
Source package also provides Makefile & instructions for on-target compilation.

Current reference CUDA sample implementation can be replaced with any custom CUDA op.

I hope this will help with the target use-cases.