How to uninstall cuda11.3.0,then re-install cuda11.3.1

hello, everyone. i have not found the useful solution about my issue, so i will feel appreciated for your help.

my os is ubuntu20.04, i have installed cuda11.6.0 before installed cuda11.3.0, both installed with runfile. And now i want to install cuda11.3.1, but must first unisntall cuda11.3.0 before install 11.3.1,see here.

After i used the following command to uninstall a CUDA11.3.0 Toolkit runfile installation:

sudo /usr/local/cuda-X.Y/bin/cuda-uninstaller

print below:

ERROR: Uninstall manifests not found at expected location: /var/log/nvidia/.uninstallManifests/

Then i also try this:

sudo sh --uninstall

it did not work either, just show below.

Unknown option: --uninstall

emm…i just deleted the dir of cuda11.3, and it works.

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