How to uninstall cuda manually?

I want to upgrade the CUDA from 10.1 to 11.3 in a docker image. Due to some reasons, I cannot use the official image of CUDA 11.3, and need to build it from another image with CUDA 10.1.
However, when I uninstall the CUDA 10.1, I encounter some errors as follows

$sudo /usr/local/cuda-10.1/bin/cuda-uninstaller
ERROR: Uninstall manifests not found at expected location: /var/log/nvidia/.uninstallManifests/

PS: My OS is RedHat 7

Hi @csyuhao
Thank you for you report. Please note that this forum branch is dedicated to CUDA GDB support. Based on your question is might be better to use a different branch, e.g.: CUDA Setup and Installation - NVIDIA Developer Forums

Thanks a lot.