How to use "age" for get tracking time

•Hardware Platform (Jetson / GPU) Jetson TX2
•DeepStream Version 4.0.2
•JetPack Version (valid for Jetson only) JetPack 4.3
•TensorRT Version 6.0.1

Hello, I trying the Deepstream sample app in C++ and want to get tracking time.
I want to output it to a text file or console. For example, “write_kitti_track_output” in deeptream-main.c

So I would like detailed advice on how to get NvMOTTrackedObj:age.
If possible, I’m happy with deepstream 4.0 than 5.0


Pls use the latest DS version since we will not support old DS version officially if there is a issue

FOr your question, age just holds the track length in frames

Thank you for reply. I will use deepstream 5.0.1.
If I use “age” in deepstream 5.0, do I need to do anything special?

No, as far as I know. Pls create a new topic if you meet some issue.

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