How to use gpu scaling with wine?

I managed to make fullscreen gpu scaling to work by using (in the screen section):

Option                  "metamodes" "DFP: nvidia-auto-select;  DFP: nvidia-auto-select { ViewPortIn=1152x864 }; DFP: nvidia-auto-select { ViewPortIn=1024x768 }; DFP: nvidia-auto-select { ViewPortIn=800x600 }; DFP: nvidia-auto-select { ViewPortIn=640x480 }; DFP: nvidia-auto-select { ViewPortIn=320x200 }"

Native apps like trine and Shank2 works without problem, and xrandr too; the monitor stays to the native resolution and gpu does the scaling, but wine doesn’t like it.

I tried Outrun 2006 coast to coast with the latest wine, 1.5.21
If i set a smaller resolution than the native one, like 1024x768:

  • the screen turns black for a while
  • the monitor changes resolution to 1024x768 (bad)
  • I see just a part of the game, like it was zoomed (more than bad)

If it can be of any help, i’m using separate X screens.

Am i missing something?

bump, someone can reproduce?