Games only detect one avaible screen resolution?

Lately I’ve noticed that games (both native and run via Wine) won’t let me choose any other screen resolution but 1920x1080.
nvidia-settings does show all the possible resolutions for my screen, and I’m able to change it without any issues, but every other program seems to be able to use only 1920x1080 (even when the desktop resolution is set to another one).
As for xrandr, it won’t show any avaible resolution but 1920x1080 unless I run it with --q1 (–q12 just shows one resolution as well), but I’m able to change to screen’s resolution to any supported one even without --q1 (as in ‘xrandr -s 1680x1050 will’ will change the resolution quite fine, even though it won’t list it as avaible).

I’m not sure if this is a nvidia related problem or not, but since I can’t find anything via google I thought I might as well ask here… I have to add that I can’t know for sure how long this problem has been there, since I kind of lacked time to play videogames since around last summer.
As for my system, I’m running Debian Sid x64 with kernel 3.12, my video card is a GeForce GTX 560M, and xrandr’s version is 1.4.1 (randr version 1.4)