i have one resolution only


i’ve Nvidia GeForce 8600m gt 512m
i’ve only one resolution in the menu list: 1280x800 61hz :

it’s a problem with driver NVIDIA-Linux-x86-310.32.run, i’ve tried driver 304, still same problem

currently… i’m using NVIDIA-Linux-x86-295.run , it’s great and it show me many resolutions from 320x175 to 1280x600

btw, i’ve been using Debian 6, and Debian 7 now… both have same problem with nvidia 310.32, and 304 too,
so i’m not sure if this happens with all versions like NVIDIA-Linux-3xx


I have the same problem with x11-drivers/nvidia-drivers-313.18 on ~AMD64 Gentoo with G98M [Quadro NVS 160M] card. I can select only one resolution for laptop’s screen.

In past with 295, it was possible to use clone mode with same resolution for LVDS and VGA - a perfect configuration for presentations in front of the audience. Now it’s not possible any more. Will try to downgrade to 295, if it’s still possible due to recent kernel and Xorg…

No nvidia-bug-report.sh output, as I can’t find where is “attach file” button in this new forum :(

It’s not a bug, it’s a feature:

thanks for the responses!
i hope for the developers to bring back the old settings about resolutions.

One resolution is isolated to NVIDIA on xorg, all laptops. It is a bad feature, that could be catagorised as a bug. Seriously bad … feature on small laptops with ultra HD. Fx Lenovo Y50-70.